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You are more than your GPA & SAT

High school students often feel as if they are nothing more than the sum of their GPA and SAT score. You are judged and ranked according to these numbers. You compare yourselves to your friends and classmates, and that legendary student at some other school who scored a 2400 and has a 4.0 unweighted GPA. You study for countless hours (and maybe even spend thousands of dollars) to improve your SAT score by just a few points (while secretly hoping for a miracle leap of 100). You're taking numerous AP and/or IB classes to earn college credit and impress admissions officers with your challenging course-load. The stream of exams, tests, quizzes, and papers seems endless. And it extends beyond the classroom. You participate in a gazillion activities, clubs, and organizations-not to mention doing hundreds of hours of community service, for Bright Futures. You play more than one varsity sport and strive to break records and earn the title of "most valuable player." You're stressed and exhausted from all of this work, yet anxious and worried that you must keep it up or you won't be accepted. You fear that you won't be good enough for admission into even your "safety school" (maybe UF or Santa Fe. It almost seems as if the sum of who you are is represented by two mere numbers, your GPA and SAT score. Even if you have high grades, did well on the SAT, and are proud of these numbers, you may feel that it is not fair to reduce all of your unique qualities into two little figures. And, you're right!

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